Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #5

Today's 7 items came from here and there as I was cleaning up this morning. Again, not sure if I'll find 7 things each day due to cleaning things out before our recent move, but I sure am having fun trying. :) Kind of like a treasure hunt. Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the inspiration!!


1) Espresso maker. This was a gift, but I've honestly only used it a couple of times. Just don't have the time during this busy stage of motherhood for this luxury and it was taking up space on my counter.
2) Clock.......one of the hands is broken off.
3) "Prancer" Christmas hand towel. Haven't gotten into the decorating the bathrooms for Christmas. Maybe when I'm old and rich. :)
4-5) Limegreen baby bathtub support thingies. We've bathed 3 youngin's without them so far.
6) Retro napkin holder. Adorable, but something not used ( we use cloth here at home and just buy paper ones occasionally for company )
7) Boy's red robe. Found in the coat closet. Not something we usually use at that age.


Frugal Friend said...

Good for you! We moved last year and kept only enough things to fit an 8x5 trailer and 2 cars. But a year later, I already have too much stuff again to get rid of.

Here is my progress:

Tammy C said...

'm old and rich. :) I maybe older then you but not rich.I have holiday towels for Christmas in our bathrooms! I didn't use them when the kids were little either.