Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday! :)

Clint is taking a nap now so I'm taking advantage of the quiet house and typing this blog post. First of all, I want to thank everyone who prayed for my specialist ultrasound appointment. I went this past Friday afternoon and everything looked great to them. Thank God! Between my past miscarriage, our wreck, and this "scare", I've learned to NEVER take a healthy pregnancy for granted.
Other recent happenings include a bout with a head cold/ those who suffer with this constantly, I feel for you! I am SO tired of blowing my nose!! :) I am enjoying the warmer weather though. It made it to the 80's yesterday.
We also experienced one of those "I can't believe this is happening to me" days over the weekend. Hubby decided to burn some brush Saturday morning, but a slight wind took over and we ended up having to call the fire department. While they were putting out the fire, they discovered a slightly burnt purse and questioned Hubby about it. We've never seen it before in our lives and assumed that it probably belonged to someone in the double-wide park behind us. The police came anyway to investigate and it ended up belonging to the neighbors next door ( according to them, some kid had stolen it from their car ). And when you thought things couldn't get more exciting, the fire truck got stuck in our yard while trying to leave and they had to pull it out with a logging chain. This, of course, caused ditches to be formed in both our yard and the neighbors', but never fear! Hubby was near and fixed everything all up. WHAT a day! :) Clint enjoyed the whole "show" from the deck while eating Cheerios in his walker. Poor kid.....he'll never have a normal life with parents like us. :)
All for now! Hope ya'll enjoy this last day of February.....can't believe it's nearly over! :S

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Week's Coupon Deals


Bertolli Pasta Sauce-
BEFORE sales & coupons- $2.57
AFTER sales & coupons- $0.54

Sargento Cheese-
BEFORE sales & coupons- $2.99
AFTER sales & coupons- $0.25

Bic Razors-
BEFORE sales & coupons- $5.49
AFTER sales & coupons- $0.75

(40 lbs) Science Diet dog food
BEFORE sales and coupons- $79.92
AFTER sales & coupons $4.40

Up & Up Bleach-
BEFORE coupons-$1.47
AFTER coupons- $0.47

Up & Up Feminine liners-
BEFORE coupons-$0.89
AFTER coupons- $0.14

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mommy's Little Stinker

Mismatched PJ's, missing sock, sippy cup in hand, Mommy's cookbooks on the floor....just a typical Saturday morning at our house. Clint is really keeping me on my toes. He still isn't walking ( although he's trying ), but that does NOT hinder his mischief in the least. If he can reach it, he's dumping it out, tearing it up, playing with it, etc. Just wait until little brother joins him. :)
February hasn't been as busy as last month, but the Lord still has blessed us with meetings every Sunday and Wednesday of this month......just not as far away. Today, we have a birthday party for my SIL and a missions conference later on this evening.
The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS these last few days. Can you believe that I actually wore flip-flops out the other day? I'm LOVING it!! Can't wait til spring!
One more piece of news before I close.......I'm going to be an aunt for the first time!! A special congratulations to my brother Stephen and his wife Becky. Their baby is due to be born just 6-7 weeks after ours. So exciting!
All for now! Need to peel some potatoes for tomorrow's dinner. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a....

....................BOY!!! Yes, it looks like Clint will have a little brother and that I will now be WAY out numbered. :) That's OK though, I'll still have fun taking care of my men and being the only girly-girl of the house.
Please continue to pray for us though. They're sending me to a specialist because the baby is measuring small. It has me kind of worried, but I know God is able to make everything be OK.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Pics

Mommy's little man trying to walk. He's getting better!
Opening gifts at Na Na's house in NC.
Yay! A Bible verse music CD............he LOVES music!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Florida Gulf Coast Pics

Clint likes water. He's always enjoyed his baths. He loves to watch the fountains at the mall. He even likes to hear water run. That's one reason we decided to take him to see the Gulf of Mexico when we were in FL a couple of weeks ago. We just knew he would love it.
Unfortunately, we were wrong.........
However, he did enjoy playing in the sand.

Especially with his daddy.

I had to get in on the fun too so I put my feet in the COLD water. BRRRRRR!

Random Ramblings

1) I was going to do a picture post today, but I remembered that our camera is in the car and that Hubby has the car in town today. Maybe I'll get to it later.......
2) Clint is currently taking a nap and I'm typing this blog post on the new laptop our home church bought us. It will be a huge blessing to keep up with things while traveling now and I've already been able to use it on short road trips to keep track of our contact addresses.
3) Supper is in the crock pot and it is smelling wonderful! We're having salsa/Mexican chicken breasts, mac and cheese, corn, and sweet tea. We have a few old bananas lying around so I may throw in a couple of banana breads for dessert and to freeze for later.
4) We're heading back to NC in a few days ( Lord willing ) for a couple of more meetings and the court date from our December accident. We're hoping to get out of paying the fine and convince the judge that Hubby didn't risk his family's lives and total our car "just for the fun of it". :)
5) Clint will be 11 months old in just a few short days and I'm already starting to plan a little 1st birthday party for him. ((sniff)) He's getting too old! :(
6) Just 10 more days until my ultrasound! I'm thinking this one is a boy too, but you never know.....