Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #1

Took Money Saving Mom's monthly challenge and decided to unclutter some this month. Now, after our recent move I doubt I'll find 7 things EACH day, but you never know. :) Today I found my 7 things in the kitchen. Yes, the pictures may get boring after awhile and no doubt some of you will find some of my "former" possessions humorous "she kept/had THAT???" :) One thing that I've learned since becoming a housewife/mother is that possessions can either be a blessing OR a burden. The less "burdens" lying around, the less clutter and cleaning to do. Sounds like a winner to me!!

1) Blew the motor in my blender several weeks ago. It got tossed in the trash, but for some reason I still had the attachments??
2-5) These cute little glass canisters have been with us our entire married life. Unfortunately, I don't think I've used them. Time to pass on.
6) The yellow tinted shaker is missing a lid. I have several other shakers so I do believe we can live without this one. :)
7) The orange lid to my favorite Life Factory water bottle. The kiddos broke that a couple of weeks ago ((sniff)). I LOVED that thing. Oh, well! The lone lid isn't doing me any good.

Wonder what burdens I'll rid the house of tomorrow.........

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