Monday, May 6, 2013

Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #4

Yes, I was thinking that it would be Day #6 too, but I'm assuming we get weekends off after reading Money Saving Mom's post. Whew! I'm not as behind as I thought. :)

Today's items came from my closet ( counting the shoes as pairs I actually got rid of 11 things ).

1-4) Maternity/nursing shirts I don't use. Most of these I hope to consign with some other things later.
5) A lime green binder I haven't used in a good while.
6-10) Shoes I've had for years and hardly wear anymore.
11) One red flip flop (????)

Here's a picture of my main shoe shelf. LOVE my new cowgirl boots ( part savings/birthday gift to myself. :)

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