Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #2

Day #2 of the Money Saving Mom Clutter-Busting Challenge. Once again I found my "7 items" in the kitchen/dining area.

1) "Chick in the egg" cake pan. Don't think I've ever used that thing and doubt I'll ever try and be pleased with the end result. :)
2-3) I counted 39 coffee mugs for my lone coffee drinking self. I think I can afford to lose a couple of them.
4) Food processor. Yes, I AM hard on kitchen appliances ( ask my mom about the time I broke 3 of her hand mixers within a MONTH'S time ). Actually, the boys dropped some of the plastic parts on the tile floor causing the "locking" pieces to break off. It no longer works without those :S
5) Floral Yankee Candle accessory. Had this since BEFORE I was married. Loved the candle, but the accessory doesn't match my home decor.
6) Spaghetti serving thingy. I think that was a mail freebie that I've never used.
7) Yellow bottom to a Cheerio container. Can't find the lid to it.


Hannah said...

Great job with your de-cluttering! You are getting me in the mood to do some cleaning, too. Actually, I am in the market for a freezer for my business, and it has to have a place to go...maybe the garage?? Time to rearrange and clean. :)

Sweet T said...

Thanks! It's kind of like a treasure hunt :)
Enjoy keeping up with y'alls blog. Makes me hungry for your sister's cooking and there's several of your mother's quilts I want to "borrow" ;)