Friday, May 31, 2013

15 Minute Playroom Clean-up

I must admit that the boys' playroom is the hardest room for me to keep clean. It's also the most depressing room to clean because unless you do it RIGHT before bed it only stays clean for about 10 seconds. I bit the bullet this afternoon, however, and decided to see how much I could clean-up in 15 minutes. All 3 of the kiddos were awake so they were right there along with me. Below are the before/after pictures of the room.

Before/After playroom closet

Before/After playroom floor

So not  PERFECT, but a lot better, aye?? :) Again, this was the progress with 3 kiddos in the room with me. I reckon to make it perfect I would need at least 20 minutes. Good to know for any spur of the moment company. Then again, shutting the door and locking it would be both easier AND faster.......just kidding......sort of.

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