Friday, January 28, 2011

January Traveling Update

Greetings! Hope everyone is having a great Friday evening! My guys and I are home just taking it easy. May sound boring to some, but believe me, after traveling so much this month you begin to be thankful for the little things ( your own bed, cooking supper, even some of the chores :) ).
Deputation for our church in New Mexico has gone well so far. The Lord has blessed us with a full month of meetings and we've been privileged to meet many sweet fellow Christians at each church we visit. Below are some of the highlights of this past month.

1) Counting Hubby's church planting conference in OK, we have been in 6 different states this month sharing our work and burden for New Mexico. The states have included AL, GA, SC, NC, FL, and OK. Clint has now been in 13 states since his birth. He's becoming quite the traveler! :)
2) God has kept us safe in all our travels and I guess the only "hardship" we've had this far was Clint getting sick with a fever/cold symptoms for a few days. None of the medications I had was helping him much, but a trip to the Dr. for some antibiotics cleared everything up in a heartbeat. Thank God! It's hard seeing your little one so sick! :(
3) On our recent trip to FL, Hubby drove us to see the Gulf of Mexico one afternoon. That was the first time Clint and I had seen it, but it was too cold and windy to stay very long. We did put our feet in the water just for fun and took several good pictures of Clint.

I reckon that's all for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh, I am now 16 weeks pregnant and we hope to find out if we're having a boy or girl in just 3 weeks.......sooooooo exciting! :)


Hannah said...

I was just thinking of you today, and have been meaning to give you a little call to catch sound so busy with all the traveling, I'm unsure of when to catch you! Sounds like this year holds some new and exciting plans for y'all. Be sure to know that you'd be welcome to stop by/stay here if your travels bring you up to VA. I'll get in touch with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney, just caught up with your blog. Im so glad you guys are alright from the accident and I hope to see you soon, here, there or in the air! Please email me. I think I've misplaced your addy and I do want to stay in touch. Love, Tabitha

Stephanie said...

I am so happy you are blogging again!! Would you be willing to start your coupon blogs again? I loved those and found them so inspiring!! I am just a beginner on coupon-ing but found your savings inspirational!! :)

Sweet T said...

I think of your often too and hope to send your b-day card sooooon!

I'll send it to you shortly.

Yes, I still coupon some......I
ll try to put some more coupon posts on here! Things have been soooooo crazy!