Friday, January 14, 2011

Greetings from NC!

Yes, I'm once again at my parents' house in NC. :) We came up here this past Saturday because we had 2 church meetings scheduled for the weekend and when they were over, Hubby dropped Clint and I off with my parents and he drove straight to Oklahoma for a church planting/missions conference. We are very thankful that the Lord provided us with a vehicle just in time for this venture. We were beginning to worry after dealing with a slooooooow bank and having to wait awhile for the insurance money to come in (we had tons of meetings scheduled and no way to get to them.) As usual, God provided right on time and we are having so much fun keeping a diary of the blessings we receive along our deputation trail. :) Hubby should be back early tomorrow morning and we will head out to another NC town later on that day to get ready for a couple more meetings on Sunday. Lord willing, we'll start for our home in GA sometime on Monday. Busy, busy, but I guess I need to get used to it, huh? :)
Hope ya'll are doing well and survived the big snow/ice storm earlier this week.......very pretty, but made DANGEROUS driving conditions.


Jenny said...

Where in OK are the meetings? I'm just a few miles from the eastern side of the state.

Sweet T said...

He was in OK City.

Tammy C said...

Storm was bad.Wake Forest was closed on Tuesday except for the people fixing the streets.Ice is dangerous.

Momma CupKate said...

Dangerous indeed! I live in NM and we had 025 degree weather (well, counting the wind chill factor.) Never in my Life have I seen such a thing!! It's nearly 80 these days, though, so things are back to normal. Hope to see y'all in this neck of the woods sometime. ;)