Monday, January 24, 2011

My Late Christmas Gift

Several weeks ago I had picked out some fabric as my Christmas gift from Hubby. The plan was to recover our dining room chairs, but we got so busy traveling here and there that we just now took the time to do so. As you can see in the above pic, the old fabric did NOT match my orange walls at all.
Clint "helping" his daddy unscrew the seats.
Hubby stapling on the new fabric.
The finished product.......yes, it's cowhide, but it matches PERFECTLY. I love it!
The dining room as it is now.
Well, that was a lot of fun.......on to the next project! I received a Hobby Lobby gift card from my parents at Christmas and I plan on using it to spruce up the living room.


Jenny said...

How fun - isn't it interesting you chose cowhide & you'll soon be living in the west! You'll be right at home.

Anonymous said...

The music goes perfectly with your western dining room!


Tammy C said...

It took a couple looks to think the west and realized how you did pick all of your stuff out long before the church plant came along.All looks so nice.

Love the new music and background on the site.

Jessica said...

I really like your dining room! Orange is my favorite color (nd sage green!). I'm saving that last picture for inspiration. :)