Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Week's Coupon Deals


Bertolli Pasta Sauce-
BEFORE sales & coupons- $2.57
AFTER sales & coupons- $0.54

Sargento Cheese-
BEFORE sales & coupons- $2.99
AFTER sales & coupons- $0.25

Bic Razors-
BEFORE sales & coupons- $5.49
AFTER sales & coupons- $0.75

(40 lbs) Science Diet dog food
BEFORE sales and coupons- $79.92
AFTER sales & coupons $4.40

Up & Up Bleach-
BEFORE coupons-$1.47
AFTER coupons- $0.47

Up & Up Feminine liners-
BEFORE coupons-$0.89
AFTER coupons- $0.14


Anonymous said...

That's some amazing deals Courtney!!
could you please share how you got the dog food so cheap? Thanks Lisa

Sweet T said...

Unfortunately that deal is already over. :( It was a Presidents Day sale and I found out about it from one of the deal sites I link to on FB.


I would recommend keeping up with it to in order to stay on top of deals that you may be interested in.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Wow! What great savings!


Jessica said...

Now why can I never find good deals like this? :) Our diet is a bit different but I want to buy tons of stuff for under $5!