Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday! :)

Clint is taking a nap now so I'm taking advantage of the quiet house and typing this blog post. First of all, I want to thank everyone who prayed for my specialist ultrasound appointment. I went this past Friday afternoon and everything looked great to them. Thank God! Between my past miscarriage, our wreck, and this "scare", I've learned to NEVER take a healthy pregnancy for granted.
Other recent happenings include a bout with a head cold/ those who suffer with this constantly, I feel for you! I am SO tired of blowing my nose!! :) I am enjoying the warmer weather though. It made it to the 80's yesterday.
We also experienced one of those "I can't believe this is happening to me" days over the weekend. Hubby decided to burn some brush Saturday morning, but a slight wind took over and we ended up having to call the fire department. While they were putting out the fire, they discovered a slightly burnt purse and questioned Hubby about it. We've never seen it before in our lives and assumed that it probably belonged to someone in the double-wide park behind us. The police came anyway to investigate and it ended up belonging to the neighbors next door ( according to them, some kid had stolen it from their car ). And when you thought things couldn't get more exciting, the fire truck got stuck in our yard while trying to leave and they had to pull it out with a logging chain. This, of course, caused ditches to be formed in both our yard and the neighbors', but never fear! Hubby was near and fixed everything all up. WHAT a day! :) Clint enjoyed the whole "show" from the deck while eating Cheerios in his walker. Poor kid.....he'll never have a normal life with parents like us. :)
All for now! Hope ya'll enjoy this last day of February.....can't believe it's nearly over! :S


Jenny said...

What fun. :o(

My dh did this when I was very pregnant with our son years ago. It was scary running around trying to help him put it out.

We've both learned I should leave when he has to burn brush. He stresses me out. We haven't had the fire department out though. :O)

Tammy C said...

You do lead an exciting life!glad all is good after the fire.

Glad to know all is good after the doctor's appointment.My cousin Leslie who has 3 adult children had 2 car accidents during 2 of the pregnancies.

~Rebecca~ said...

Life is never dull is it?

God bless,