Monday, October 4, 2010

Over 97% Savings at Kroger

BEFORE Sales and Coupons: $66.48
AFTER Sales and Coupons: $1.72


Tammy C said...

Glad you are back online.

Did you use the $5.00 off coupon the Kraft products?

Sweet T said...

yes. I did :)

Aunt Naomi said...

Where did you get the $5.00 Kraft coupon? (Love the new look of your blog)

Sweet T said...

it was a printable that got reset twice.

Tammy C said...

Now that I know you are familiar with the coupon you will understand my story.I used it last Tuesday at Target.I needed sour cream so I picked up Breakstone and 4 cheeses.The lady at Target told me I needed them to be all KRAFT which is wrong because the paper has all of the cheeses that were eligible.I even showed the cashier the print on bottom of coupon,Finally I gave in and switched the sour cream for another cheese.I then went home wrote a letter to the manager and sent a copy of the second coupon to them.Maybe will hear back but at least the store knows I was not in the wrong.

Polly said...

Where did you get the Vitamin Water Q?
My husband loves those things.

Sweet T said...

It was from a tear pad I found several weeks ago. Try looking on Ebay or other coupon seller sites.

Kristi said...

Not bad, little lady!


FrugalMom said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I have two of the Krafts that I am saving, and I found some Target coupons to combine them with...I'm just waiting for the right sale at Publix.

Thank you for participating in last week’s Weekly Savings Linky, I hope you will link up again at the Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free , it’s a great place to connect with other frugalistas. Did you become the Top Frugalista of the week?