Sunday, October 10, 2010

Look Who We Saw! :)

We took a little day trip to Greenville, SC this past Friday and our son Clint got to meet Patch the Pirate ( aka: Ron Hamilton ) for the first time. I'm so glad I had the camera with me! :)


Where the Green Grass Grows said...

Clint is so cute!! Me and Gera was saying at church this morning how much he looks like you! I just love the look and feel of your new blog as well:)

Jennifer Bontrager said...

So glad that you are back. I have really missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

What a thrill for little Clint. I doubt he will remember it though. :)
We have lots of Patch the Pirate music around here.


Kristi said...

That's sweet! I have a few pictures of you and your brothers when y'all were little with Patch. Or maybe it was Dr. Bob? Oh I have to go look 'em up! LOL


Ginger said...

I LOVE it! So cute!!! How neat that Clint got to meet "Patch" Whenever we have seatwork in my classroom I put patch the pirate on they love it!