Thursday, October 28, 2010

Over 95% Savings @ Publix

( Clint had a vaccination visit today so I was able to visit 3 different Publix stores on the way to and from the office. The pasta was bought for overage purposes and I'm now looking for a food bank to drop most of it off at :) )

BEFORE Sales and Coupons: $117.35
AFTER Sales and Coupons: $4.77


Glory Studios said...

Ok. You have really got to share your secret with me. I'm ready to give it a shot whatever it is you're doing!:-)

Tammy C said...

Looks like you had a good shopping trip.I am sure the pasta donations will be well appreciated.

Heather said...

Hi! I just found your blog from "I Heart Publix" and I think it was meant to be! Not only are we both in GA, but when I saw your post about all of the Ronzoni and needing a food bank to donate to, I couldn't believe it! Please look at my blog when you have a chance! I have started a ministry called "Clipping for a Cause" in GA that has now expanded into 8 states and has become a non-profit organization now in only 8 months! Anyway, our whole purpose is to get coupons donated to us and then clip and shop for the things that will be free or almost free! We donate to about 5-7 places on a regular basis and if you ever want to do the same, don't hesitate to contact me! Hope to chat soon! GREAT blog!