Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Visit to the NC Zoo

Clint took his first trip to the zoo earlier this week and had a BLAST. He LOVES being outside and thoroughly enjoyed the special outing.The giraffes
( sorry, I haven't invested in one of those zoom lenses yet :) )Riding the "rhino"Just hatched!! :)
AlligatorsEveryone LEEEAAAN to the right :)Some of the beautiful flowersLooking at the gorilla ( No, it's not "Da Da".....LOL! )My little safari manRiding the tram with Uncle CalebMom and sister BethanyRiding the carouselAwwww! :)Sisters!The bobcatWatching the otter swimWEEEEEE!!


Jennifer said...

He is so cute!!!! Can hardly believe that you only have 8 more weeks! Time is surely flying!!!

Love ya!

Tammy C said...

How cute the pictures of everyone.Your sisters are growing up.

6 weeks-Didn't expect that time is
so close.I love your skirt!!

Sally said...

How fun! We ought to get our kiddos to a zoo, but the prices are huge for so many and the gas and food, whee! So glad you had fun, God bless you!