Friday, May 20, 2011

8 More Weeks to Go!

I think this is the first pregnancy picture I've put on here this time around. This one was taken yesterday at the NC Zoo. Clint and I have been spending the past 2 weeks up here with my parents since most of our church meetings this month have been scheduled around here. Hubby has been driving back and forth in between meetings due to still working his lawn care business. Where he gets all that energy, I have no clue.
Our missions deputation has been going really well and we're humbled at how good God's people have treated us thus far. Yes, it DOES get tiring doing all this traveling while pregnant and taking care of a 14 month old, but God has given us the strength. We had/have 169 meetings booked for 2011 and that includes a 4-5 week trip out west at the end of the year. That should be VERY interesting with 2 little boys. :)
Thanks for being patient with me during my sporadic blog posting! Hope to share pics of our newest addition SOON!


Hannah said...

You are bee-youtiful (no resemblance to a gorilla), and the lime green is just an extra touch! ;)

I was just thinking of you today, and then I come on here to find you've posted...that seems to happen. Your schedule sounds quite full of traveling this year, not to mention a new little one! Hope the last 8 weeks go well for you!

Hannah said...

Thinking of you and baby! Praying for you.