Friday, April 15, 2011

A Quick Visit at Na Na and Poppa's

Greetings from NC! Just stopping by my parents' house for a quick visit before heading up to WV for a couple of church meetings. It's been 2 months since they've seen Clint so they're giving him a ton of spoiling. :)
So sleepy!
Time for Easter pics!
Meeting the kittens
Is it OK to think he's adorable?? :)
Eating a Popsicle
Opening his birthday gift from Na Na and Poppa
A water table!


kristi said...

Love the pics of your mom and dad with their grandbaby. <3 I know they hate to see him leave.

Precious Easter pics!! Love, Love!

And Mrs. Susan is right...he is one serious fella with that popsicle. LOL

PS~~~Definitely ok to think he's adorable, 'cause he is!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can think he's adorable, but only because you haven't met my little angels yet! Mischievous angels, of course, but cute nonetheless! -Sally Jo

Hannah said...

So sweet! I'm glad your parents got a chance to see him!

Tammy C said...

I was just thinking of your family after the storms yesterday.I hope everyone is okay.

Clint is adorable.The water table looks like he will have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more a little boy likes better than playing in the water - except maybe rolling in the dirt. Water is better. :)
Enjoy your travels.


Jessica said...

Wow! Clint is getting so big! He's such a cutie pie!