Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Past 3 Weeks......

1) I haven't written a blog post.
2) I've turned another year older ( 30 is getting too close for comfort...)
3) Clint's top 2 teeth have finally decided to come through
4) Hubby has started getting busy with his lawn care business.
5) I broke down and finally turned on the AC ( an 85 degree house was just too hot for this pregnant woman to sleep in )
6) Hubby and I completed mini orientation at our mission board
7) I got my hair done as a birthday gift.
8) I found out that I'm going to be an aunt to a NEPHEW! Yay! This makes 3 grandsons for Dad and Mom. Also, my 3 cousins that are/were expecting this year are all having boys. You would think we had something against girls, aye?? :)
9) Hubby's brother got engaged. Looking forward to attending the wedding this fall!! ( Lord willing )

1 comment:

Kristi said...

1) Yay new blog post.
2) YAY birthdays!! 30 isn't so bad. Especially since 40 is too close for MY comfort!
3) Yay for top teeth!!
4) Yay for work!
5) YAY for AC!! Pure bliss when you're pregnant.
6) YAY on completing your mission board orientation.
7) YAY birthday gifts and beauticians!
8) YAY nephews!! YAY BOYS! yay girls.
9) YAY engagements and upcoming weddings!!