Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cade!!

Cade is obsessed with cars these days so I made that the theme of his little party. Quite appropriate considering he WAS born right beside one ;)

Watching Daddy light the candle.

"Happy birthday to you......"

Trying to blow the candle out.


Excited about new CARS!! :)

More cars!

Big brothers moving in for a closer look.

Some new leather cowboy boots!!

Cake time.....yummy!

Sweet Callie enjoying the party and exploring her nose ;)


Hannah said...

Has it been 2 whole years since you gave birth in the driveway? :) I like Cade's little smile when you're singing to him.

I still check your Facebook (that's how I came here), but too bad I can't comment regularly. Just so you know, I'm reading! Have a great fall.

Tammy C said...

Cute pictures.

Hope all is well with you as you await for #5 to arrive.