Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school. Yay!! 

First things first.........BREAKFAST!!

After our biblical character story it was time for book work.This year we are using A Beka, our local library, and various books we have here at home.

Daddy arranged his schedule to take the babies' nap time duty while the rest of us ran to our local children's museum. Children get in free every Monday afternoon during the summer. YAY!!! ;)

They enjoyed the indoor play area.

The wooden train set.

The chair pulley thingy.

The foam building materials.

The water tables.

The outdoor stumps.

The outdoor digging area.

Well, Clay preferred to roll around instead :)
( yes,his shoes are indeed on the wrong feet.......again. )

The outdoor musical area.

Every fun outing MUST end with ice cream. 
( especially if the teacher is pregnant......ahem....)


Hannah said...

Looks they are having a blast learning. You are a great homeschool mom. :)

Kim said...

It seems you had a great day! Hope you have a good school year.