Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Happenings

June was a BUSY month for us. It started out with my mother in-law and 2 of her kids flying in and was shortly followed by Hubby and I taking another trip to CA for a leadership conference. We rushed back home in time to finish Neighborhood Bible Time and VBS prep for our church.

A youth group from NC flew in to help us host both of those things and we really appreciated the help! Because of the extra hands we were able to do 3 different Bible Times during the day.

VBS was held during the evening and the kids had a BLAST! All in all there were about 70 different kids from our community reached.

My kiddos are growing and are into everything as usual. :) Callie is crawling and pulling up some now. Where did my tiny baby girl go?? We also have 2 birthdays to finish planning this month (July) and a conference in AZ to attend. Whew! :)
Hope everyone has and continues to have a safe summer!


Hannah said...

You're right--whew! Summer always seems to fly by with busy-ness. Hope you had a happy 4th -the kids look like they are having fun. ;)

Kim said...

Enjoy seeing how God is blessing you and your family. Praying for you and the ministry there.