Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Vacation (UT/AZ/CA)

Just got back late Friday night from our family vacation. 
Our first night was spent in Monument Valley, UT camping at Goulding's Campground.

 The boys loved being able to climb in the stage coach :)

 Hiking with Daddy

Our campsite was red dirt so everyone was covered in it. Myself included :)

 Night #2 was spent camping in Flagstaff, AZ

 On day #3 we arrived in CA. 
Clint enjoyed seeing the ocean.

 Clay just wanted to climb the rocks.

 Cade's first time at any ocean.

18 weeks pregnant......almost halfway there!!

My sweet Callie.

Walking along the harbor.


Day #4 was spent at the San Diego Zoo

Our two Ergo baby carriers and umbrella stroller came in REAL handy ;)


 Clint enjoyed climbing every animal statue he could find :)

 The USS Midway

Driving in downtown San Diego,CA


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love San Diego. Did you go over the bridge to coronado? I could never afford to stay at the Hotel, but we used to go to lunch there and watch the Navy fighters come into the base down the road.

We were in Flagstaff exactly a month ago, went to the Grand Canyon. That was a sight to see. Perfect weather and we saw an elk wandering around the parking lots and green areas.

Glad you had fun on your trip.

Sweet T said...

No, we didn't go over that bridge. There was more we wanted to see. Hope to back again!!

Bridget L. said...

Hello! I am a new reader and so encouraged by your blog. I am also a young married mama to two littles and it can be a lonely road sometimes. Reading your blog is a breath of fresh air. Also I was born and raised in Albuquerque, so seeing all the NM references makes me smile! Looking forward to future posts and congratulations on your newest blessing!

Sweet T said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!