Saturday, December 14, 2013

12 Days of Christmas in NM #7

Earlier this week we hosted our church's Christmas party (about 35 folks total....a blessing!!). I wanted to have Eggnog Punch so I decorated this area just for it.
The star has been part of our decor for several years now, but I sent Hubby to Lowe's to get some battery operated lights to wrap around it. Really gave it some "bling"!! ;)
The book "A Cowboy Christmas" was found on Amazon. My boys enjoy listening to me read it and one of their favorite parts is about the bear getting the chuck wagon. (ha ha ha)
The stuffed snowman and punch bowl were also already a part of the household. It's fun digging around and finding things to decorate with!!


Jenny said...

I love what you did here! How did the punch come out?

Hannah said...

Very pretty and rustic!

Sweet T said...

The punch turned out great! Simple....eggnog, ginger ale, and vanilla bean ice cream.

Tammy Doiel @ said...

We make the same punch with eggnog, french vanilla ice cream, and clear cream soda. Yum!!

Jenny said...

I've never heard of this punch before - we'll have to try it.