Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Clint!!

Clint's birthday is just a few days away, but we went ahead and celebrated it early due to us being out of town on the day of.
We got a Build-a-Bear certificate over Christmas, but I just got around to taking Clint there here recently. He is pictured above with his doggie.......not really a birthday present, but I thought it was too cute to not share with ya'll. :)
Watching Mommy make the cake

Taste test :)The finished product
Daddy and Mommy love you! Can't believe how big you are! :(

He hated our singing.......
..........but loved the cake. :)

What a mess!
"Beep, Beep".....he liked all the presents he received.


Kristi said...

LOL, that crying picture cracks me up everytime I see it. Y'all must have been singing REALLY bad. haha


sharon said...

Happy Birthday Clint! That year just flew by! You sure are a cutie!

~Rebecca~ said...

so precious! That cake is adorable!!
Happy birthday Clint!


Hannah said...

Sweet pictures! Everything looks so festive and colorful, and he looks like he enjoyed it. :)


Anonymous said...

So cute. Happy Birthday Clint!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Clint!

Love all the pics Courtney!!! They are so good! :) I can't believe he's already ONE! :-O


Anonymous said...

I love how you did his Birthday cake...super cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Master Clint. Looks like he had a wonderful day.